Mariana Trevino is a Mexican actress who has made a name for herself in the film industry with her impressive acting skills and versatile performances. Born on November 12, 1977, in Mexico City, Mexico, she began her career as an actress in the late 1990s and has since then starred in numerous films and TV shows.

Early Life

Mariana Trevino was interested in acting from a young age and pursued her passion by joining the Centro de Formación Actoral (CEFAC) drama school. She graduated from CEFAC in 1997 and immediately started auditioning for different roles.


Mariana Trevino's breakthrough role came in the popular Mexican TV show "La Familia P.Luche", where she played the character of "Bibi". The show was a huge success and helped Mariana gain widespread recognition. Following this success, she went on to star in several other TV shows such as "Vecinos" and "Falco".

In addition to her television work, Mariana Trevino also appears regularly on Mexican theater stages. Her notable works include "Tres" (2013), "Si Nos Dejan" (2015), and "Cuando Los Hijos Regresan" (2017).

Her filmography includes appearances in movies like "Club Eutanasia" (2005), "Me Late Chocolate" (2013), "Nosotros los Nobles" (2013), among others.

Personal Life

Mariana Trevino prefers to keep her personal life private but has mentioned that she is married to Santiago Cabrera who is also an actor. They have one daughter together.


With an impressive career spanning over two decades, Mariana Trevino has received several accolades for her work including two Silver Ariel Awards - one for Best Supporting Actress for the film "Nosotros los Nobles" (2013) and the other for Best Actress for "La Habitación" (2016).


Mariana Trevino is an accomplished actress with a successful career in film, TV, and theater. Her incredible talent and versatility have made her a household name in Mexico's entertainment industry, and she continues to inspire young aspiring actors to follow their dreams.