Nicole Kidman is an Australian actress, producer, and occasional singer. She was born on June 20, 1967, in Honolulu, Hawaii but grew up in Sydney, Australia. Kidman has been a prominent figure in Hollywood for over three decades and has won numerous awards including an Academy Award, multiple Golden Globe Awards and Emmy Awards.

Early Life

Kidman was born to Australian parents Janelle Ann (née Glenny) and Antony David Kidman. Her father was a biochemist, while her mother was a nursing instructor. When Nicole was four years old, her family moved to Washington DC where her parents attended the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa to earn their PhDs.

Career Beginnings

Kidman began her acting career at the age of 16 when she landed a role in the film Bush Christmas (1983). However, it wasn't until she starred in Dead Calm (1989) that she gained critical acclaim for her acting chops. This led to more high-profile roles such as Days of Thunder (1990), Far and Away (1992), Batman Forever (1995), and Moulin Rouge! (2001).

Breakthrough Roles

In 2002 Kidman starred as Virginia Woolf in The Hours which earned her critical acclaim along with various awards including a Best Actress Academy Award. Following this success she continued to star in critically acclaimed films such as Cold Mountain (2003), Rabbit Hole (2010) and Lion(2016).

Personal Life

Kidman married actor Tom Cruise in 1990 after meeting on the sets of Days of Thunder earlier that year; They adopted two children before divorcing in 2001. In 2006,during the filming of "Fur" ,Kid man met KeithUrban,a country musician whom she got married to on June25ofthesameyear; they have two biological children.


Nicole Kidman is one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood with a diverse range of roles under her belt. From her films to her personal life, she is constantly in the public eye and continues to inspire young actors and actresses around the world.