Emily Bronte was an English novelist and poet, best known for her only novel "Wuthering Heights". Her works are considered as classics of English literature. In this article, we'll explore the life and works of Emily Bronte.

Early Life

Emily Jane Bronte was born on July 30, 1818, in Thornton, West Riding of Yorkshire, England. She was the fifth child of Patrick Bronte and his wife Maria Branwell Bronte. Emily's siblings include Charlotte Bronte who also became a famous writer.

The Brontes moved to the village of Haworth where Patrick became a rector of St. Michael and All Angels Church. Emily spent most of her childhood at Haworth Parsonage along with her family.


The three sisters were educated at home by their father who believed in providing his children with classical education. They read extensively from their father's library which included Shakespeare, Milton and various other classic authors.

Later on, they attended the Roe Head School where Emily excelled academically despite being shy and introverted.

Literary Career

In 1846, Emily published her only novel "Wuthering Heights", which is now regarded as one of the greatest classics in English literature. The book initially received mixed reviews but later went on to receive critical acclaim for its powerful storytelling and vivid imagery.

Emily also wrote poetry throughout her life which was published posthumously by Charlotte after her death. Her poems were deeply emotional and showcased themes such as love, nature and mortality.

Personal Life

Emily never married or had any romantic relationships that are known to us. She remained reclusive throughout her life preferring solitude and avoiding public appearances.

She died at the age of 30 due to tuberculosis on December 19th,1848 at Haworth parsonage surrounded by her family members.


Despite writing just one novel during her lifetime, Emily Bronte is widely regarded as one of the most significant authors in English literature. Her influence can be seen in subsequent works by various writers.

Today, "Wuthering Heights" continues to captivate readers with its haunting love story and powerful language.


Emily Bronte was a gifted writer whose literary work has stood the test of time. Her life may have been short but her imagination lives on through her words. We hope this article gave you an insight into the life and work of this remarkable author.