Anita Roddick was a British businesswoman, human rights activist, and founder of The Body Shop - a global beauty brand that revolutionized the industry. She was known for her unique approach to marketing and her strong ethical values.

Early life:

Born in 1942 in Littlehampton, England, Roddick grew up with a spirit for adventure and a love for travel. After spending time in Italy and Geneva, she returned to England to attend school at Newton Park College.


Roddick's career began working as a teacher and traveling around the world. In 1976, she opened the first Body Shop store in Brighton and quickly expanded globally with franchises.

The Body Shop became known for its natural ingredients and ethical business practices such as fair trade sourcing. In addition to beauty products, the company also sold eco-friendly accessories like reusable shopping bags.

Outside of The Body Shop, Roddick was passionate about human rights issues. She supported various charities including Amnesty International and Greenpeace.

Personal Life:

Roddick married Gordon Roddick in 1970 and they had two daughters together. They remained married until her death in 2007 from complications related to Hepatitis C.


Roddick's impact on the beauty industry is undeniable - pioneering cruelty-free products with sustainably sourced ingredients. Her legacy continues today through The Body Shop Foundation - an organization dedicated to supporting social change activists around the world.


Despite passing away over ten years ago Anita Roddicks contributions still continue to be felt across multiple industries such as personal care & cosmetics being centered on ethics product quality.The foundation created continues beyond this sphere by sustaining funds that support environmental causes,vulnerable children among others.COVID-19 outbreak portrayed gloom economic times but many took inspiration from Anita Rohmdl because of how adaptable her frameworks were when faced with adversary conditions much like current ones.