Bill Gates is a name that is synonymous with the technology world. He is an American entrepreneur, software developer, investor, and philanthropist. He co-founded Microsoft Corporation in 1975, which eventually became one of the largest personal computer software companies in the world.

Early Life and Education

Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington. His father was a prominent lawyer, while his mother served on charitable boards. Bill showed early signs of being gifted with computers back when he was still in. He scored high scores standardized tests which caught everyone's attention.

He graduated from Lakes in 1973 and enrolled at Harvard University to study law. However, he dropped out two years later to pursue his passion for developing computer software.

Founding of Microsoft

In 1975 Bill Gates co-founded Micro-Soft (later changed to Microsoft), along with Paul Allen - whom he had been friends with since their teenage years - to develop operating systems for personal computers (PCs). Their first big success came in 1980 when IBM chose Microsoft to write an operating system for their new personal computer.

Gates quickly became the face of the burgeoning tech industry after Microsoft's rise as a PC operating system giant. It wasn't long before his vision went beyond PCs alone.


In addition to business prowess, Bill Gates has also become well-known for his philanthropic pursuits through The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation focuses its resources on issues such as global health and development as well as education reform in tandem with like-minded organizations worldwide.


Bill Gates biography encompasses an impressive array of achievements beyond just founding and growing Microsoft into one of the most successful technological giants today has ever seen. With billions donated through his philanthropy work , it seems "retirement" won't entirely halt Bill Gate's quest for improving the lives of people all around the world.