Larry Page is an American entrepreneur, computer scientist, and co-founder of Google, one of the world's largest and most successful technology companies. He has a net worth estimated at $100 billion as of 2021, making him one of the wealthiest people in the world.

Early Life

Larry Page was born on March 26, 1973, in East Lansing, Michigan. His father was a computer science professor at Michigan State University, where his mother worked as a computer programming instructor. Growing up in an academic family heavily influenced his interests and career path.


Larry Page attended the University of Michigan for his undergraduate studies in computer engineering. He then pursued his master's degree in computer science at Stanford University.


After completing his studies at Stanford, Larry Page founded Google with Sergey Brin in 1998. Google quickly grew to become one of the world's largest and most powerful technology companies.

Page served as CEO from April 2011 to October 2015 when he became CEO of Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc., until stepping down from that position in December 2019.

Throughout his career, Larry Page has been recognized for his contributions to the tech industry with numerous awards including being named a Fellow of the Computer History Museum and receiving an honorary doctoral degree from Michigan State University.

Personal Life

In addition to his work at Google/Alphabet Inc., Larry Page is known for being a passionate innovator who invests heavily in various business ventures. In terms of personal life details - he is married to Lucinda Southworth (since 2007) and they have two children together.


In summary,Larry Page is an innovative entrepreneur who co-founded one of the world's largest technology companies- Google. His commitment towards passion made him one among most influential person across globe even after resigning from CEO position within google/ Alphabet inc..