Gurpreet Singh Sandhu is an Indian professional football player who has gained recognition both in India and internationally for his skills as a goalkeeper. Born on February 3, 1992, in Mohali, Punjab, he has become a prominent figure in Indian football history.

Early Life

Gurpreet hails from a sports-loving family and developed an interest in football at a young age. Despite facing initial resistance from his family, who wanted him to focus on academics instead, Gurpreet's determination and passion for the sport led him to pursue his dream of becoming a professional footballer.

Career Beginnings

At the age of 16, Gurpreet made his debut for East Bengal FC in the I-League, marking the beginning of his professional career. He showcased immense talent and quickly solidified his position as one of India's top goalkeepers. His consistent performances earned him recognition within the Indian football fraternity.

International Success

In 2015, Gurpreet got an opportunity to play for Stabæk Football Club in Norway's top division league - Tippeligaen. This move made him the first-ever Indian footballer to play in Europe's top leagues. His time at Stabæk was crucial in shaping him into a more skilled and experienced player.

Soon after returning to India, Gurpreet established himself as the national team's first-choice goalkeeper. His impressive performances under the posts played a significant role in India's success during various international tournaments.

Current Club & Achievements

Currently playing for Bengaluru FC (BFC) in the Indian Super League (ISL), Gurpreet has continued to excel and set new records throughout his career. Under BFC's captaincy, he played an instrumental role in helping them win multiple titles including ISL championship and Super Cup.

His notable achievements include being awarded as AIFF Player of the Year (2019-20) and being the first Indian footballer to play in an AFC Cup Final. Gurpreet's exceptional reflexes, agility, and impressive saves have earned him the admiration of both fans and experts alike.

Impact on Indian Football

Gurpreet Singh Sandhu's success story has inspired countless young aspirants across India to pursue their dreams in football. He has not only made a name for himself but has also contributed significantly to elevating the standard of goalkeeping in Indian football.

His dedication, professionalism, and strong work ethic have set an example for aspiring athletes all over the country. Gurpreet's journey highlights that with talent, hard work, and perseverance, it is possible for Indian players to achieve international recognition in the world of football.


Gurpreet Singh Sandhu's rise to prominence as one of India's finest goalkeepers demonstrates his commitment and love for the sport. From his early struggles to his groundbreaking European stint and achievements on both national and international levels, Gurpreet has left an indelible mark on Indian football. His story serves as an inspiration for generations to come