Born on October 2, 1996, Roger Krug Guedes started his football journey in a small-town grassroots team. His immense talent quickly caught the attention of many scouts from elite clubs around the country. He signed as a youth player for Criciúma Esporte Clube in Santa Catarina.

In no time, Guedes was impressing coaches with his reliability at crucial moments and delivering notable performances. With a blend of undeniable talent and relentless work ethic, he became an ascending star within Brazil's football sphere.

A Stellar Professional Debut

Guedes made his professional debut at just 18 years old with Criciúma. It wasn't long before Brazilian powerhouse club Palmeiras noticed him and came calling with an official offer which saw him switch sides in 2016.

Throughout his stint at Palmeiras, Guedes played a vital role pushing the club towards several championship tournaments including Serie A title in 2016.

Transition to Chinese Super League

Given his unique abilities that made him stand out among peers -- speed, control over the ball as well ability to change game outcomes dramatically -- it was only natural that larger clubs would eventually set their sights on luring him away from home soil.

In July of 2018 came what can be considered one of the biggest transitions of his career yet: A move to China’s Shandong Taishan F.C., reputedly signing one of most lucrative contracts for young Brazilian players in Chinese Super League history.

Return to Brazil and Success with Athletico Paranaense

Missing home soil after three long years abroad, Roger returned for a loan spell back where he began - this time suited up for \Athletico Paranaense. Always eager fully utilise any opportunities thrown at him during short period back home he captured hearts and minds throughout the league proving that even after leaving homeland still had what takes become force reckoned with on pitch again securing Copa Sudamericana competition fleet-footed forward won best-attacker award after helping guide Athletico victory golden boot tournament.

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