Lance Stroll is a Canadian Formula One driver who currently races for Aston Martin. He was born on October 29, 1998, in Montreal, Canada.

Early Life

Stroll grew up in a wealthy family and was exposed to motorsport at an early age since his father was a successful businessman and amateur racing driver. His passion for motorsport began when he first sat behind the wheel of a go-kart at the age of five.

Career Beginnings

Stroll's career took off when he started participating in karting championships across North America and Europe. He won several titles, including the prestigious Italian Karting Championship in 2014.

Formula One Debut

In 2017, Stroll made his debut as a Formula One driver with Williams Racing. It was an eventful season for him as he scored his first podium finish at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and became the youngest rookie to achieve this feat.

Move To Racing Point

After two seasons with Williams, Stroll moved to Racing Point (now known as Aston Martin) for the 2019 season. He finished fourth at the German Grand Prix that year, which remains his best finish to date.

Personal Life

Aside from racing, Stroll takes an active interest in fashion and owns an apparel brand called "Lance Stroll Collection." He also enjoys playing tennis.


Lance Stroll has had an impressive career so far and continues to make strides in Formula One racing. With his talent and determination, it'll be exciting to see what records he sets next.