Born on July 4, 1943, in New York City, Geraldo Rivera is an American journalist, television personality, and author. He grew up in a working-class Puerto Rican family and attended the University of Arizona on a scholarship. Initially pursuing a career in law, he eventually found his calling in journalism.

Rivera got his start as a reporter for Eyewitness News on WABC-TV in New York City. He gained recognition for his coverage of the infamous Willowbrook State School, exposing the horrendous conditions faced by its mentally disabled residents. This groundbreaking helped push for reforms and to improved treatment for those with mental.

The Road to Stardom: Talk Shows and Controversial Reporting

In the years that followed, Geraldo Rivera became a prominent figure in American media. He launched "Good Night," which was later rebranded as "Geraldo" - a daytime talk show that tackled controversial topics head-on. The facilitated heated debates and exposed hidden truths about various issues ranging from politics to social justice.

One of Rivera's most notorious moments came during live primetime special titled "The Mystery of Al Capone's Vault" in 1986. Promising to unveil treasures hidden within Capone's vault, the two-hour special turned into an anticlimax when the vault was found empty. Despite this disappointment, it remains one of television history's most-watched syndicated specials.

from Dangerous Locations: War Zones and Natural Disasters

Geraldo Rivera has never shied away from putting himself at risk to report breaking news from war zones and disaster-stricken areas around the world. One notable example is his coverage of conflicts such as Afghanistan during Soviet occupation, Iraq during Operation Desert Storm, and Kosovo during NATO bombings.

His fearless reporting has earned him numerous accolades, including multiple awards for his coverage of Hurricane Katrina and the devastation left in its wake. Rivera's on-the-ground reporting style and ability to connect with people in times of crisis have made him a trusted voice during some of the most challenging events in recent history.

Later Career: Fox News and Hosting "Geraldo at Large"

In recent years, Geraldo Rivera has become a familiar face on Fox News, where he hosts the weekend show "Geraldo at Large." Known for his outspoken personality and willingness to tackle controversial topics head-on, he continues to provide viewers with in-depth analysis and discussions surrounding current events.

Rivera has also authored several books throughout his career, including his memoir titled "Exposing Myself," where he reflects on his life experiences as a journalist and public figure. Additionally, he has appeared as a guest on various television shows as a commentator, sharing his insights on politics, law enforcement issues, and more.


Geraldo Rivera's career has spanned over six decades, with his versatility as a journalist shining through in every endeavor. From hard-hitting investigative reporting to hosting engaging talk shows and providing live coverage from dangerous locations worldwide, Rivera remains an influential figure in American media.

Through both accolades and controversies along the way, Geraldo Rivera continues to capture audiences' attention with his unique storytelling style. As television evolves and news consumption changes, one thing is clear - Geraldo Rivera's impact on journalism will be remembered for years to come.