Early Life and Education

Kaitlan Collins is a renowned journalist, born on April 7th, 1992 in Alabama. She went to the Prattville High School in Alabama and later enrolled at the University of Alabama where she majored in Political Science and Journalism. During her time at the university, she was a member of several organizations such as Capstone News Now, a local news station that broadcasts to Tuscaloosa residents.

Career Beginnings

After graduation in 2014, Kaitlan worked briefly as an entertainment reporter for The Daily Caller before joining the website's political team as their White House correspondent. In December 2016, Kaitlan moved to CNN where she started covering the Trump administration.

Rise to Prominence

Kaitlan's rise to prominence began during her tenure at CNN where she broke many important stories related to politics. One famous instance was when she asked President Trump some questions during an Oval Office press conference regarding his alleged affair with Stormy Daniels which led to her being barred from attending future White House events. Despite this setback, Kaitlan persevered and continued reporting and breaking notable stories.

In July 2019, it was announced that Kailtan would be moving from White House Correspondent to Anchor for CNN's weekend programming after anchoring special coverage during significant political events such as State of the Union addresses.


Throughout her career, Collins has won several awards for journalism including an award from Merriman Smith Memorial Awards in 2020 for excellence in presidential coverage under the broadcast category for co-authoring a story about former President Donald Trump’s abrupt departure from Walter Reed Medical Center amidst contracting COVID-19 in October 2020.

In addition to her notable career achievements and journalistic skills,Kailtan Collins has over one million followers on Twitter who value her personality and expertise on matters related to politics.

Personal Life

Currently, Kaitlan Collins resides in Washington D.C. but splits her time travelling the globe covering various political events. She has expressed her love for dogs and shares a friendly bond with her pet dog, Moose.


Kaitlan Collins career trajectory is a testament to her dedication and focus as a journalist in fetching information to headline news that pushes forward necessary narrative. As one of the notable journalists of this era and into the future, she encapsulates excellence in reportage.