Romeo Santos is a bachata singer, songwriter, actor and record producer. He was born on July 21, 1981 in The Bronx, New York.

Early Life

Santos was raised by his grandmother in the Dominican Republic until he was 13 years old. He later moved back to The Bronx with his family where he attended high school.

Career Beginnings

Santos started his career as the lead singer of bachata group Aventura in 1993. The band became very popular with their unique blend of traditional bachata and modern R&B.

Solo Career

In 2011, Romeo Santos decided to pursue a solo career and released his debut album "Formula, Vol. 1". The album included hit songs like "Promise" featuring Usher and "Mi Santa" featuring Tomatito.


Since then, Romeo Santos has become one of the most successful Latin artists of all time. He has sold over 100 million records worldwide and won numerous awards including Latin Grammy Awards.

Acting Career

Aside from music, Romeo Santos has also pursued acting. He appeared in the film "Furious 7" alongside Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson.

Personal Life

Romeo Santos is notoriously private about his personal life but did reveal in an interview that he has a wife named Francelys Medina and two children.


Romeo Santos' impact on the Latin music industry cannot be overstated. He introduced a new generation to traditional bachata while also bringing it into the mainstream with R&B influences. His popularity continues to grow both domestically and internationally.