George Osborne is a British politician and journalist who served as the Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2010 to 2016. He was a key figure in the government led by former UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

Early Life and Education

Osborne was born on May 23, 1971, in Paddington, London. He attended St Paul's School in London before studying Modern History at Magdalen College, Oxford University.

Political Career

Conservative Party Involvement

Osborne's political career began in his university days when he became active in the Conservative Party. He went on to work as a special advisor to senior politicians including Douglas Hogg and William Hague.

Member of Parliament

In 2001, Osborne successfully contested the election for the parliamentary seat of Tatton. As a Member of Parliament (MP), he quickly rose through the ranks within the Conservative party and became known for his sharp intellect and strategic thinking.

Shadow Cabinet Role

When David Cameron became leader of the Conservative Party in 2005, he appointed Osborne as his Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. In this role, Osborne played a crucial part in developing economic policies and challenging Labour's handling of public finances.


After their victory at the general election in May 2010, Cameron appointed Osborne as Chancellor of the Exchequer. During his tenure, he faced numerous challenges including dealing with economic recession following the global financial crisis and implementing austerity measures to reduce government debt.

While some praised Osborne for his efforts to stabilize the economy, others criticized him for prioritizing spending cuts over public services.

Professional Career Post-Politics

After leaving politics in 2017, George Osborne took up various positions in journalism and finance. He worked as editor-in-chief at The Evening Standard newspaper and held advisory roles at BlackRock Investment Institute and Exor N.V., an investment company owned by the Agnelli family.

Personal Life

Osborne married author Frances Howell in 1998, and they have two children together. In addition to his political and professional endeavors, Osborne is known for his interest in history, literature, and music.


George Osborne's political career has been marked by his role as Chancellor of the Exchequer during a period of economic challenge and change. His contributions to British politics and subsequent ventures in journalism and finance have made him a prominent figure in public life.