Andi Peters is a renowned television presenter, journalist, voice actor and producer from London, UK. He has contributed significantly to the media industry since the early 1990s. In this comprehensive biography article, we will look into his life story, career journey and achievements.

Early Life

Andi was born on July 29th, 1970 in London. His parents were Jamaican immigrants who moved to the UK in the late 1960s. He grew up in Shropshire and attended a local school before heading off to college at Coventry University.

Career Journey

Andi Peters started his career as a runner for BBC Radio WM before joining CBBC as a presenter for "Broom Cupboard". Later on he worked with ITV as their reporter covering major news stories across the world including Nelson Mandela's release from prison and U.S Presidential Elections.

Throughout his career Andi presented various TV shows such as Eureka TV (BBC), Top of The Pops (BBC), Live & Kicking (BBC) and GMTV Kids alongside Emma Forbes where they both became household names in UK.

Apart from presenting Andi is also known for creating reality show format called 'Singularity' which he produced via his own production company called 'Andiproductions'. He created it during lockdown period of Itv studios while working remotely from home.


Andi Peters has been awarded several honours throughout his successful career; most notably he was honoured by Royal Television Society with an award for Best Children's presenter in recognition of his work on CBBC's Broom Cupboard. In 2007 he was featured twice on The Most Powerful Black Britons list compiled by The New Nation newspaper.

Recently he made history after becoming first black male presenter to ever present ITV Breakfast program Good Morning Britain when regular hosts went absent due to Covid-19.


To conclude, Andi Peters is an influential figure who has left a mark on the media industry with his charismatic personality, talent and hard work. He continues to inspire many both in UK and globally through his work on various platforms including TV, voiceovers, production and journalism.