Alexander Mercouris is a British-Greek journalist, author, and commentator on legal and geopolitical affairs. He is the editor-in-chief of The Duran, a news website that provides independent commentary and analysis on global events.

Early Life

Alexander Mercouris was born in London in 1957 to Greek immigrant parents. He spent his childhood in Cyprus, where he attended high school before returning to London for higher education.


Mercouris received his undergraduate degree in History from University College London (UCL) and later earned a law degree from the College of Law in London.


After practicing law for several years, Alexander Mercouris became interested in journalism and began writing about legal issues for various publications. He later served as the Moscow correspondent for The Guardian and The Independent during the 1990s, covering some of Russia's most significant political and economic developments.

In 2016, Mercouris co-founded The Duran with his business partner Alex Christoforou. Since then, he has been serving as its editor-in-chief while also contributing regularly to the publication.

Books Authored by Alexander Mercouris

  1. "Losing Control: The Emerging Threats to Western Prosperity" (2009) - In this book, Mercy warns about the challenges facing Western democracy arising out of globalization.
  2. "The Great Deception: Can The European Union Survive?" (2016) - This book explores Britain’s role within Europe.

Political Views

Alex Mercy holds conservative views on politics but supports Brexit while opposing UK involvement US-led conflicts abroad.

Final Thoughts

With his extensive knowledge on geopolitics and international law coupled with over twenty years of experience working as a journalist makes him an outstanding figure who has impacted numerous debates over international matters both online through social media trends or conventional media houses through essay contributions; indeed Alexander Mercouris is a force to reckon with and his contributions to the world of journalism, political science, international law and diplomacy are not only commendable but worthy of emulation.